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Nama saya Mat Azri dari Sabah,  I like to share with you all ADIK, ABANG, KAKAK atau sesiapa yang baca laman ini.

Saya share secara jujur perjalanan saya dengan MyPath @ Program Borneo.  Saya Berjaya, harap yang masih cari kerjaya kamu, jangan putus asa! 

My Story

When I was in need of job, I met Ms Jenna, Mr John & Ms Cheri at Sabah promoting their programme for Sabahans. After they explained to me, my interest just gone up and decided to try. I joined Mypath programme for Sabahan on 2017 and got accepted to work at STRAITS Orthopaedics at Perai, Penang.

At first, I was abit nervous and insecure as I never heard of this programme before but MyPath staff gives off a positive vibes that makes me feel ease upon arriving at Penang. They brief and guide us step by step on the recruitment process, giving advices and motivational examples on handling our working and personal life. They also helps us in time of need such as consultations on stress handling, realizing short & long terms of future goals, communications in workplace & giving us support on changing for a better life.

It wasn't long until 7 months since I work at STRAITS that I was faced with hard times involving my personal problems which pushed me to resign from STRAITS Orthopaedics. And yet Mr John, Ms Jenna & Ms Cheri never gave up on me and still giving me useful advices and motivational support even after I resigned from STRAITS.

It was on 2019, where my condition start to stabilize, I saw an advertisement about vacancies from MyPath facebook page. I contacted Ms Jenna and she gave a second chance to change my life once again. This time I got accepted to work with In-Tech Electronics Sdn Bhd. I applied for Manufacturing Specialist position but suprisingly this company offered me a higher position which is Technical Specialist for Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) with high salary.

On my first week after report from duty and orientation, I was transferred to my respective department. Then my supervisor informed me that MyPath staff has put a good word for me to get this position because they saw something that can make me improve myself. It has motivated me to always committed and giving my 100% in my job. It was a chance that they gave me and I dont want to waste it anymore.

MyPath staff always care for all person who involved in this programme and always giving their 100% support even at the cost of their rest time. They also share they life experiences which helps me on improving my own career and personal life also how to balance it.

For the past 2 years and 2 months working at In-Tech Electronics Sdn Bhd,  I used everything that I learned either from MyPath staff or In-Tech Electronics Sdn Bhd and keep improving myself in this company. Unexpectedly, this year I was called for an interview from a big company, which is PETRONAS. With my current knowledge & experiences here, my interview was successful and now offered by PETRONAS to work with them and will be working at my own hometown which is on my own birthplace, Sipitang, Sabah.

I remembered when one of the PETRONAS interviewer said to me "you have an interesting personality & many experiences in different kind of field. It was rare for us to met a person such as you". I was happy and proudly told them, "It was thanks to MyPath programme and my experiences here that I am what I am today sir".

I am proud to say that because of this programme, I had many kinds of experiences especially when trying to achieve my goals in life. We will always struggle to keep ourselves in shape, difficulties to maintain ourselves, temptation, distraction especially with ourselves but we will also learn how to strengthen ourselves, have a positive mind, strong mental & attitude towards achieving our goal. Dont ever gave up on our own goals. Always be brave on trying to learn new things in life.

Never give up! Good things will come to you eventually.

Journey @ Borneo Program, 2017 - 2021

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